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Having been online  over the last year and chatting with ladyboys i finally managed to hook up with one when i was visiting Brazil on holiday. I was over the moon to eventually try this out for real. The gorgeous Tgirls i managed to meet up with all worked on a live site. I had been hanging around there for  some time and feel i almost know them all.

The girls i used to chat to all made me feel very welcome and had a surprise for me. Yes they had booked a beach party and i was to attend in amongst almost 20 TS girls which was incredible.

When i mentioned to Pamela i was a little nervous she told me not to be and that it would be fun for me to meet up with these girls i had spoken to on cam for so long.

You see i think they work from some sort of studio and you can tell they all get along well so they must work from the same house. I was amazed at how they managed to stream videos as well as be outside hustling for customers.

Pamela told me she had a  where she charted every day what she had been up to. I have to admit i was excited to read it as i wanted to see if she ever mentioned me in it. Not that i thought i should be mentioned but i spent so much time on these live webcam chat sites and with these girls that i thought a mention just may happen.

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This was the picture of some of the amazing TS Cam girls i met when visiting Brazil. I will update with more pictures and blog posts later



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